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Dean W. Russell
Owner / Sole Proprietor
Russell Graphics


I began my mapping career with Weiler Mapping Inc., a Surveying company located in Upstate NY.  I was trained extensively in Deed Research and Parcel Assembly, the keys to a good Parcel Map.  In the first 6 months of employment, I searched over 20,000 deeds during a mapping project for Oneida County, New York.  This training would be the key to my success later, as this experience gave me the knowledge to look beyond the usual places to find information.

While employed at Weiler Mapping, I learned every aspect of the mapping process – Deed Research and Organization, Map Assembly, Drafting with Ink on Mylar, Final Product Delivery and Client Relations.  I have worked on Mapping Projects for Counties in New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine and Massachusetts and Vermont.  

1986 to present

I founded Russell Graphics in 1986 to prepare and update Parcel Maps for Towns in the State of Vermont.  To date, have mapped over 50 Towns in all parts of Vermont.  (2010 Client List)

I currently map Vermont Towns using AutoCAD Map software, a program developed exclusively for cartographers.  It combines the ease of use of AutoCAD with the GIS application of ArcView programs.  

As Vermont mapping has progressed from hand drawn to computer based mapping, my company has evolved.  Today’s parcel maps are prepared in 2 different formats, paper and digital.  All my Vermont clients use the paper map as a basis for everyday use.  However some clients go beyond the paper map and also use a digital version of the parcel maps.  Digital versions include ArcView, pdf and AutoCAD.

Most Towns that I have mapped are prepared using Deeds, Surveys and other information found in the Clerk's Office.  However, a few of my clients have been mapped by other companies.  In each case I have revised and corrected the maps to whatever specifications are set by the Town.


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