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What is Parcel Mapping?
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What is Parcel Mapping?

Parcel Mapping, also known as Property Mapping and Tax Mapping, are maps created using information filed in the Town Clerk’s Office.  Deeds and Surveys are the most commonly found information available.  However there are many other forms of information in the Town Clerk’s Office that can be used to help build an accurate map.  

Parcel Maps are most commonly used by Listers and Town Clerks to determine accurate land size for the Grand List.  Other everyday uses for Parcel Maps are:

  • Current Land Use
  • Zoning Boundaries
  • Historic Neighborhoods
  • Flood Plain Location
  • E911 Locations for Fire Department
  • Building Locations
  • Historic Walking Trails
  • Logging Rights

All Parcel Maps are prepared using the Vermont State Orthophotos as a base.  The Parcel Map is put together much like a giant puzzle.  Each piece of land is documented and given a parcel number.  All land is inventoried based on the Town Grand List.  In some cases, additional parcels are found that may not be on the current Grand List. 

A well organized Town Clerk’s Office is the key to an accurate Parcel Map.

Grand List Verification

When a map is prepared, every parcel of land is accounted for and mapped.  In some instances, parcels that were previously not on the Grand List are found and added to the maps, which helps each Town improve their Grand List, so all Landowners are taxed fairly. 


Paper Maps

Color paper maps are provided in various sizes.  Each Town determines the size and number of copies, to best fit their needs.
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Parcel Data Book

As a companion to the Parcel Maps, a Parcel Data Book is generated to include all the information collected during the process of map preparation.  An Alphabetical and Numerical List will show:

  • Owner’s Name & Address
  • Parcel Number
  • Location & Size
  • Deed Book & Page
  • Filed Survey Number
  • E911 Address

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GIS Data

Parcel Mapping is the core of any GIS Data created for Municipalities.  If the Parcel Maps are not accurate, the GIS Data is useless.

GIS Data is created from the Parcel Maps as ArcView shape files with a link to the Grand List Number, or p_prop field.  This creates a powerful tool that can be used by the Town and local Planning Commission for Zoning and future development.  Listers also use GIS Data in association with the Vermont Orthophotos to determine building location, land type and value.

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Annual Updates

Most Vermont Towns have their Parcel Maps updated once a year.  Each mapping update is done by verifying the Grand List against the Parcel Maps.  Any new parcels are added to the maps, as well as any changes in land size due to a new Survey or Subdivision.  Any corrections found during the year are revised during the Annual Updates.  Each Update will provide the Town with new sets of maps, data books and GIS Data.  


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